Who are you? And what are you doing in Leafpack's territory? Oh, you are just a pup. Don't growl at me like that! I am no harm! I am just here to give you a choice. You may either join one of the four packs, or go back to that strange thing you call home. Which one you choose?

I am Sharpfang, choose your pack wisely, young pup.

You can be in Leafpack with me and Silvernight, the fierce and cunning wolves of the shadows.

Or Firepack with Moonlight and Storm, the loyal and brave pack, who make the wisest choices.

Maybe Waterpack with Arotorn and Lana, the wolves with the thickest pelts, and love the water.(Also the most active pack)

But you can also choose Icepack with Rust and Jackeline, the swiftest of all packs and have thin pelts.

But watch out, pup, there is many dangers far, far away from the packs.

Fierce-Wolves may want to kill you or kidnap you.

Bone-pack, the most brutal of all the packs, can kill and eat you.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the right place for you!


Site Owner, Sharpfang

Sharpfang is the site owner of the site! She loves to make sites, although they would need a lot of work, and other things. She calls herself a stalker a lot since she also likes to stalk conversations on any site to see what they are talking about (thats how I role! xD). She is a funny, yet cheerful, person. In RL, she doesn't have many friends at school nor have nice parents. She always makes sites when her parents aren't there! She is also a admin of four or five sites her friends on the internet made, and a site owner of three sites, five if you count the site she is almost finished with and the site she hasn't even started with.

Head Admin, Whisperingrose and Others

YO! I'm Whisperingrose and Others but call me Whisper! I'm really hyper and random so if you're kinda quiet and dull and don't like loudness and randomness you probably want to avoid me. But if you want/need a friend to listen and cheer you up come to me! I'm an admin on like two or three sites and I'm very proud of those sites. I have very few close friends but alot of random friends I hang out with when I'm bored. I love to roleplay and I'm trying to get my two best friends to roleplay too! I'm pretty strict and protective and stuff though so...yup! That's pretty much me! Hope to see you in roleplay! 

Admin, Nightshade

Hiya! Im Nightshade one of the Admin's on this site! I'm here to help anyone with questions so feel free to ask, thats why im here! Sharpfang and Whisperingrose and Others are very good crazy friends of mine and they are AWESOME! I'm very nice so no worries! But i will give you 1 or 2 warnings if you do something bad and then if you keep on i will tell Sharpfang then I might delete you so please follow all of the rules and have fun rping!

Administrator- Rose

Hey hey hey! What is uuuuuuuuuup??? Other than the sky, haha! Name's Rose and I'd be happy to RP with you AND show you the ropes, haha, providing someone else doesn't beat me to it! I am absolutely HYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPEEEERRRRRRRRR and crazy and yayaya, you get it. XD I may not be on as often as I intend, though, 7th grade (which in my country means junior high) is stressful. Catch my drift? Egh, any who, anywhat, anyway, anywhere anybadonkadonk, I love inventing bonkers new words... But I'm also a grammar nazi, so, yeah. Anyway, like everyone else, I have a good side, but then there's the gal downstairs, and she ain't nice. But I'll have to bring her out if you break the rules more than once. If you break them once, by mistake or intention, I, as in, me, as in, not the gal downstairs, will give you a gentle reminder and an internet cup of tea. However, should you break them more than once, by intention this time, I won't hesitate to flag you, and the gal downstairs will come out. And a third time, if I catch you, I will DEFINITELY reprimand you, and then delete you. 

I know I was rather silly there, but you must take every one of my words seriously. I meant every word, every letter.